Versameb – the next generation of RNA therapeutics

RNA therapeutics are a new class of medicines that have a broad applicability targeting disease relevant proteins. Proteins are large and complex molecules that play a critical role in the body’s capacity to be healthy. Currently, most approved drugs are small molecules and protein biologics, which are limited in their targetability towards certain proteins or genes. RNA-based protein modulation can be used to selectively trigger protein expression, which uncovers new therapeutic possibilities for previously undruggable targets.

The VERSagile platform

Our cells use messenger RNA (mRNA) to translate DNA (genes) into proteins which are required for the healthy function of the human body. Expression of disease-relevant proteins can be achieved by molecular targeting of a specific gene through mRNA. Versameb’s technology aims to use mRNA to direct patient’s cells to manufacture their own functional proteins to help the body heal itself and protect against disease.

Versameb has discovered and developed ways to optimize protein production and targeting through employing modifications in mRNAs and modulate the translation of disease related proteins. Its VERSagile technology platform offers the potential to produce for one target several new molecular entities that show different tissue specificity. This ensures the full exploration of its therapeutic value in different tissues and hence disease areas.

The mRNA field has made huge advances in the last years but using mRNA as a drug still presents different challenges such as:

  1. when injected systemically mRNA needs to be formulated to prevent nuclease degradation and shut down of protein production
  2. mRNA needs to reach the appropriate cell to be useful
  3. if mRNA reaches the right cell, the amount of produced protein might not be adequate to have a meaningful impact in disease treatment and/or prevention which means there is no therapeutic window

Advanced research and proprietary knowledge at Versameb led to the discovery of mechanisms that could circumvent some of the above challenges. Versameb’s proprietary modifications of mRNA molecules translate into tailor-made protein expression and targeting by safely shuttling the therapy directly to their destination. This optimization increases the therapeutic window and allows access to different disease targets and various cell types which were not amenable by common mRNA approaches.

Currently, we have PoC in different tissues and for different protein classes including growth factors, hormones, cytokines. A significant increase in protein production as well as accelerated functional regeneration has been proven in various preclinical studies in regenerative medicine. Our platform works as an innovation engine allowing us to rapidly generate new molecules for different targets and tissues. The team is first focused in areas where localized delivery is possible to maximize the benefit of applying therapeutic proteins without the challenges of systemic administration. The company is rapidly expanding into potential new targets and indications.