Innovative RNA-based therapies

Our technology has the potential to be applied to a broad number of targets and across a range of tissues and diseases. We have identified lead candidates for muscle injury, cartilage defect, disc herniation and neuromuscular diseases and are following several programs in the discovery stage. Currently, we proceed with lead identification activities for potential mRNA candidates in different therapeutics areas.

Versameb’s lead molecule is currently undergoing advanced preclinical development activities for the treatment of acute muscle injuries. A significant acceleration of functional recovery and tissue regeneration has been observed after different types of injuries in different preclinical models, showing its regenerative potential. Our primary focus for this target is on the development of product applications in the field of tissue regeneration and acute tissue dysfunctions, with expansion potential into neuromuscular conditions and other tissue injury paradigms. Versameb is aiming to start studies in humans in 2021.