Innovative RNA-based therapies

Our technology has the potential to be applied to a broad number of targets and across a range of tissues and diseases. Versameb is building a pipeline of promising new first-in-class RNA therapeutics leveraging a next generation platform technology as we progress our current assets towards the clinic.

Versameb is currently developing molecules targeting regulation of immune response and regeneration in the fields of immunological disorders, oncology and myology. The VERSagile platform technology is amenable to any nucleotide therapy, has been validated for these therapeutic targets, and preclinical proof of principle has been established with its lead assets in animal models

The pipeline includes lead candidate programs in Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and solid tumors. Versameb is working towards the completion of a first in-human/proof-of-concept clinical study while advancing its platform.

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

Versameb’s lead molecule is currently undergoing advanced preclinical development activities for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence. A significant acceleration of functional recovery and tissue regeneration has been observed after different types of injuries in preclinical models, showing its regenerative potential.

With the lead molecule moving towards clinic and the advance of additional assets in therapeutic areas of high unmet medical need, Versameb is creating an attractive and balanced portfolio.

Between 15% and 50% of adult women worldwide suffer from SUI. There is currently no drug treatment approved that restores function and has a long-term effect. This is a hard to treat disease where we expect Versameb technology to allow rejuvenation of the urinary sphincter.

For more information and resources on stress urinary incontinence, please see our SUI fact sheet (PDF, 506KB).

Solid Tumors

Versameb is modulating local tumor environment through simultaneous upregulation and suppression of different targets with one molecule, in the correctly balanced, biological ratio.  The biological mechanisms targeted are scientifically validated and apply to solid tumor types where current treatments have limited efficacy. Current SoC in many solid tumors is limited in terms of efficacy and Versameb innovative approach can bring a solution to a difficult to treat disease.

Versameb R&D Pipeline

Versameb R&D Pipeline June 2021